Mom’s Day

If you’ve forgotten…

It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday! YAY! I LOVE MOMS! MORE SPECIFICALLY, MY MOM!! But mom’s in general, Dog Moms, Cat Moms, Human Moms, Second-Moms, and all the mom’s that there are, they’re pretty damn awesome. I’ve been trying to think of a post to write and what better to write about than Mothers! Moms day 1

Here’s to all you Moms!

I’m not an actual mom so I can’t speak on all mother’s behalf, but from the way my own mother looks at me, being a mom seems like the most rewarding job, until the cute little baby that once was suddenly learns the word “No,” or the phrase, “Hey Mom, can you just drop me off like a mile away from the school? It’s fine, really, I enjoy the walk.” My mom’s always played the role of mom first, best friend second. Every mom is different and I think that’s just a cool thing about moms. My mom learned from her childhood and shaped mine around what she thought was important. If you think about it, when you’re a kid/teenager/young adult getting lectured by your parents, your first thought after you walk away is, “I’m not going to do that to my kid,” but I would guess at one point or another, you did exactly that to your kid. Motherhood to me seems like that moment when all of a sudden your kid is sitting on your lap going, “Mom. Hey, mom? Moom. Mom. MOOOOOOM. Mom.Momomomomomomomomomomom! Will you tie my shoe?” and your mom sits across the room laughing at you because, well… Karma!

My mom happens to be the most incredible human being I know. I think one thing I’ll never be able to hide from the world when I talk about her is the fact she went back to school when I was about 10 and my brother about 5. She also happened to choose one of the hardest career paths to go down; nursing. I’ve had too many concussions to remember what it was like growing up with her going back to school, but I’m still alive so obviously, that proves my point! I’ve never looked up to someone as much as I do her! She amazes me with her strength, affection, and sass (Just remember mom, I love you and I got my sass from someone). Mom’s are incredible! Most moms are there for their families under any circumstance and they don’t ask for anything in return, except for the dishes to be put IN the DISHWASHER and the clothes to be put IN the WASHER AND DRYER. I mean there are other things they ask for, but moms are always there for you. I know mine is and because of that, I am forever grateful. Mother’s Day is always hard for me because for everything my mom does for my family, it’s always hard buying her things because what do you give the woman who has given you everything?

Thank You, Moms!

Moms day 4I know every family is different, but I think when I say moms are the best thing that could happen to us, I think I’m 98.99% correct. Your mom brought you into this world (and she could easily take you out of it, don’t forget that) and she helped form who you are one way or another. Moms are their children’s #1 fan and #1 reason why their rooms are clean when they want something. All you moms out there deserve so much more credit you’re given! So, thank you for waking up when your child climbs into bed and starts heavily breathing on your face until you wake up, thank you for staying in bed on Mother’s Day while you hear things being broken in the kitchen while your husband or wife tries to help your kids make you a peanut butter, ketchup, pickle, banana sandwich (just ask my mom how they taste, I wouldn’t leave her alone this morning until she ate the one I made her), thank you for wiping our tears and hiding your laughter when we faceplant into the ground after you told us to tie our shoe, thank you for listening to our endless stories because middle school gossip is your favorite way to spend the afternoon, thank you for doing our laundry and dishes and cleaning up our shit we left behind that you’ve told us 10 million times to pick up, thank you for loving us even after we broke your favorite clock, and most importantly, thank you for loving us, looking after us, and caring for us even when we don’t know it’s happening.

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