Mind Over Matter

Do you know what it’s like for your heart to physically hurt and for your body to forget how to breathe? And it’s over something you have no control over. Are you ever scared to leave your bed, afraid of what you might do or say? Have you ever been afraid of your own mind, feeling like you can’t manage your own thoughts?

It’s not fun, it’s not easy, and it’s unpredictable. The good days, to people who do know what I’m talking about, they would just be experiencing a normal day, but to people with anxiety those days seem to be the best days of your life like you’ve just won the lottery; the next day you wake up and you can’t get out of bed because your mind tells you that there is nothing to get up for. Why would anyone want to go through that? Well, it just so happens we’re the lucky ones who have the chemical imbalance. (If you don’t believe in this sort of witchcraft science, I’m sorry.)

Please don’t view my anxiety and depression as a weakness, because as a young adult, looking back at all the obstacles I built for myself, I’ve come far. I don’t plan on letting it slow me down on my journey to flourish in the medical field as a doctor and I sure as hell accept that my anxiety and depression will never go away, but it will make me stronger. I’ve had an amazing support system from my mom, dad, brother, my best friend, and my boyfriend. I’m lucky that they have helped me come this far and for that, I will move forward to bigger and better things.

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