Dog mom, college student, & sleep deprived.

I’ve been writing my whole life it seems like. I plan on being 100% brutally honest about who I am as an individual. This blog is here for me as an outlet for my stories and can act as an inside look into my mind for my readers. I’ve suffered from anxiety and depression since I was a child and writing became an escape from reality for me. Writing has always been a hobby and has helped me through the ups and downs in life.

I want to express my stories for those of you who are interested. I’m hoping that my posts can help some of you through some of the situations you may be going through or just to some situations you might be able to relate to. There will be a variety of posts I can promise you that. I’m excited to be able to write these posts and share them! Hopefully, there will be a plethora of them for everyone and you’ll enjoy them.



Weighed Down

“There’s nothing wrong with admitting to not being okay.” The statement that is so easy to tell other people or to even tell yourself. You can sit there and repeat that phrase to yourself, but when it comes time to looking someone else in the eyes and saying, “I’m not okay,” you freeze. So much …

How to Survive Summer at Home

Originally posted on Confessions of a College Girl:
Summer usually doesn’t turn out to be the constant beach party that we thought it would be when we were daydreaming instead of studying for finals. The problem with that daydream starts with the fact that most of us lose touch with friends at home while we’re…